Warm Welcome

Welcome to my new website, resplentent with this here roving journal where you will find the most well organized, up to the minute, carefully thought out, cutting edge critical analyses available on the internet.

Hahhahaha. Joke.

I dunno how often I’ll update this.

But for now, there’s this:


Spoke at Boston University last week and told a few of the students I’d post a short reading list (And what is it with students wanting reading lists all the time? How the hell these people find time for all this learning while people are harping at them from all sides to accomplish, pass the quiz, and magically accrue the skill n acumen that’ll be required for them to land a job that will help them whittle away at their $85,000 college debt is beyond me) in re; our viewing of The Invisible War and my talk about hyper-masculinity and sexual violence. Here’s what I got for ya:


The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Shah of Shahs by Ryzard Kapuscinski

Eduardo Galeano’s Memory of Fire trilogy = Genesis, Century of the Wind, and Faces and Masks

Assata: An Autobiography by Assata Shakur

The White Goddess and Mammon and the Black Goddess [Neither of these titles reference race] by Robert Graves

[Taken with a huge grain of salt] Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenburg

Any of Arundhati Roy’s non-fiction.

De-Coca-Colonization by Steven Flusty

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen

Lakota Woman by Mary Crow Dog


That should keep y’all busy for a while.