Ode to America by Micheala Davis

Oh beautiful o’er spacious skies……amber waves….of grain? Purple & mountains & her majesty of………..silver plains….and costume jewelry (?)

Yeah, I agree with some of those things, like Amerika is beautiful, there are drag queens and femme queens, drag kings, sexy fat queer womyn, and sequins and flowers. I love seeing solo stars while lying on the fake grass on the Christopher Street pier with a beat in the backround, making a wish (that the friends who surround you will never go away.)….those are my spacious skies the stretch over the hudson river to Jersey. I love that view.

I love that I can get honey oat whole grain bread with real live oats on top at the corner store and there are vegetarian paradises (2), and faux salmon cakes with mango relish at red bamboo a few shops down. There are 3 24 hour bodegas in a three block radius to my apartment and I love that.

The only purple mountains I see are the ones that appear in my lacy purple bra, those monuments are the best. I love it here cuz of the underwear. Where else could I find 42 DD 100% cotton lacy lime green plunge bras? Nowhere, that’s where!

I love Amerika cuz Tom who started myspace is from here. Beyond Fox owned, army commercial madness, Myspace lets me STAY CONNECTED! And taught me HTML coding……….

I love rosebud salve and toe socks and Torrid and Meshell Ndegeocello, and M.I.A.(she’s Sri Laankan tho……….), and Cree Summer and………….Inga and Alice and Shay and Ntozake and Francesca and Audre and Assata and graffiti…………. and leopard print, and glitter and Black Wonder Womyn, and Lela Lee. I love Youth Pride Chorus! If there wasn’t Amerika would there be a queer youth chorus that gets to….just….sing? Would there be a community buliding summer camp for queer youth to grow and play and learn and dance and just…..be? Nah, probably not. Would I have Jess and Melissa and Ashley to help light my way? Nah, Probably not.

I’m singing a different song, my Amerika the beautiful knows what’s really beautiful, what’s really brave, what’s really, real.



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