Why I Love America By Crux

I love America. I do. I hate the people who have inherited the land to rape it and the people who inhabit it. But I digress. This is about love, and how deep my love is.

I love America, because I can express my contempt for the powers that lord over beauty, life, happiness and survival as though they were entitled to whatever they wanted.

I love America, because even in the Capitol where I live amongst the people that suffocate this planet and make unjust “laws” to subjugate its “constituents” there is so much beauty and powerful energy. It is the home of Fugazi and Chuck Brown. Marvin Gaye was born here and so were David Chappelle and Emmy Lou Harris. Etan Thomas plays basketball here and he speaks his mind in the Capitol where other athletes and sports fans blindly consume their culture. It is home of DC United, a true cornucopia of festivities, where cultures come together on the pitch and dazzle people from all parts of the world with football play that is angelical. Washington DC is rich with the blood and history of millions of people who have stood upon the marble steps of our revered institutions in the name of peace, in the name of freedom, in the name of humanity and justice. Colman McCarthy lives here and the Center for Peace exists here as well and it gives my cynical heart hope that maybe one day!

We queers, punkers, b-boys and girls and other “marginalized” peoples will one day have the peace that once existed in this land. I love America because a neighborhood in Mount Pleasant renamed Meridian Hill Park after Malcolm X and only people truly in the know understand where Malcolm X Park is and what it means. Fort Reno is in Washington DC and despite it’s federal funding being cut years ago, summers still bring free concerts in the park where I can see my friends and community play and enjoy music. Ben’s Chili Bowl still stands today, despite riots and gentrification and they not only welcomed disillusioned punker kids from the suburbs into their hearts, but they also offered them Veggie Chili and Veggie Burgers too. I love America.

I love America because my grandfather (rest his soul) had the opportunity to build a house, a home and a family that he enjoyed with great pride until the last breath left his body. America provided him with the tools to do that, and still provides people the tools to do the same today. It’s much different then it was when he was my age, and it may be a lot more difficult, but I know that when you work and labor for the ones you love, the incline of the obstacle matters very little.

I love America, because even in the face of opposition from horrible, uppity, privileged racists, the elected town council of Herndon, Virginia voted in favor of opening up a center for day workers to gather, not only to find work, but to gain education in skills they will need to navigate this thick skinned country of “ours.”

I love America because I can take a wrong turn off a highway in New Mexico and find myself on a “reservation” and understand and accept why the glaring eyes of the native peoples pierce my soul. I love America, because those eyes are still more loving and comforting then the averted glares white men give everyone else that get on the train in the morning when they commute.

I love America because Hip-Hop was born here and there is a place for my cracker ass in that community. I have The Coup and Dalek, Del the Funky Homosapien and Jurassic Five and so many more. I still get to see kids break-dance in the streets of New York and no other art warms my heart and soul like a nicely executed tag on a sound barrier, train or corporate building.

I love America, because despite what our leaders have done around the world, it is still the dream destination for so many people who want to make comfortable, safe lives for their families and will do anything in their power to come here. It is humbling to know that right now someone in this world is crossing a “border” and will begin the realization of his or her dream. One day that person’s children’s child will have a voice so beautiful and so powerful that it will change the course of human history. One day my children’s children will hear that voice and be warmed and comforted by it.

I love America because there is always hope. Always.


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