The Imagination Reclamation Resource Guide

Compiled by Mel Kozakiewicz and Inga Muscio

I have included a lot about prison in this resource guide. From my years working on this book, I have come to understand that prison is the latest incarnation of slavery practiced here in the United States. I do not see any way that people can live free lives while so many of our fellow citizens are serving draconian sentences under arbitrarily enforced, unjust, and wholly racist laws. By taking thirty-five minutes out of your day to write a letter to an inmate, donate five dollars, or send emails to parole boards, you can develop the practice of proactively responding to oppression. This may well lead to brilliant responses to the crises in the healthcare, foster care, welfare, and education systems as well.

The prison system is not the be-all and end-all.

It is just one of the lowest common denominators.

For folks who do not have a computer or internet access, I have included mailing addresses wherever possible.

The Guide: