Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil



“You’ve read her on the C-word that was once taboo, now read her on the R-word that still is: racism. With her customary sharp-witted no-holds-barred take on the ridiculousness of the world and the simplicity of the things that can be done to improve it, Ms. Muscio rewrites the standard for contemporary memoirs with a vengeance.” 
—Toronto Women’s Bookstore

“I have a new mantra—read Inga. Her passion, her courage, and her incisive words on the most pressing issues of our time are a wonder to read and experience. She speaks with truth and imagination. She’s funny and dead serious. On race and the travesties of our ‘official’ history, she’s simply brilliant.” 
—Luis J. Rodriguez,
 author ofAlways Running: La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A.

“I honestly did not think Cunt could be topped. Then, that ‘blue-eyed devil’ Muscio generates a compelling, fact-laden, amusing, enraging narrative, unspinning white supremacist ideology from its ugly spool, unpinning duplicitous notions of ‘democracy’ from the (his)torical corkboard, and opining for a braver, lovelier world. Inga is my newest shero!” 
—Alix Olson,
performance artist, poet, and activist

“Muscio [is] one of the smartest and most honest thinkers I’ve ever encountered. [Her] wry and entertaining stories are really daggers and hand grenades ripping away at both the spectacular and everyday forms of racism that have become the new common sense in the U.S. Poetic, funny, biting, disturbing, transformative… this is the kind of ride some folks dread but everyone requires.” 
—Robin D. G. Kelley,
 author ofFreedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination