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Rose breaks new ground in answering a fundamental question: how do we identify, witness, and recover from passive and physical violence—as individuals, families, communities, and as a country—while still maintaining happiness and joy in our lives? Rose also helps people understand the damaging and insidious nature of passive violence and how it erodes our psychological and emotional well-being on a daily basis.

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Here we have good ol’ Cunt, resplendent with its enduringly happy little place in the world. Many people over the years have told me they always loan out their Cunt’s and never get them back. Then others have told me when I sign their Cunt’s, people tend to return them. In honor of this phenomena, I’ll gladly sign any Cunt’s you send to me if you will be so kind as to include the return postage. Mail them to P.O. Box 22505, Seattle, WA 98122. If you do not include return postage, I will send you an angry form letter.

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 …is currently out of print. A new edition will be coming out in Spring of 2014. Powell’s usually has a used copy of two. It’s worth a look-see. Amazon has used ones as well, along with new copies for as much as $60.00, which is highway robbery.

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